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[Groop]Junior Groopers

In a message dated 5/25/0 10:57:50 AM, schechnr@flash.net writes:

>Wow! You guys (that's Northern for "y'all") realize that Madalein Sarah
>will be the youngest Groopie/Grooper? Is she official if it's her dad's
>e-ddress? (c) TGD. Are the Unibunnies younger and are they official
>members? And does Larry Stellar's emotional age count?

Yes, Madalein Sarah is younger than the Unibunnies, who are presently, umm, 
err, 11 & 9 years old, I think (Unirabbit? This right?) 

I would say Madalein and Jacob should be considered official Groopers (or 
Groopies, if they prefer) if they read & enjoy Groo. 

I know that Unirabbit reads Groo with the Unibunnies. (BTW, so far horses 
seem to be safe in their proximity, thanks to the influence of Zookeeper. 
Squirrels are another matter, also due to the influence of Zookeeper...)

-Larry Steller (emotional age 10, physical age 38) AKA The Sheik blahblahblah

P.S. I place TGD's emotional age nearer to 8.

P.P.S. and Unirabbit's around 10 1/2.

P.P.P.S. and of course Glorko's emotional age is a constant 19,345 Zoltronian 
megamonthlets, which equals roughly 7.14 Earth years.

P.P.P.P.S. So there.

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