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RE: [Groop] Wow!

I looked at your website and they were pretty cool and impressive. I wish
you guys could come down here so I could see you guys in action. Well I dont
know what movies I could say then. Do you know any movies that could be
compared to groo?

> Stylistically, Groo should have no form or technique whatsoever,
> but should
> blindly and stupidly fight, parrying as much by accident as by design,
> killing people on a backswing without even knowing he hit them.  Both
> "Blade" and "Gladiator" showed hits that were intentional.  Groo does not
> plan that far in advance.  Usually the goal of fight choreography is to
> look cool.  For Groo, the goal should be to look stupid.  Fast,
> but stupid.
> Strong, but stupid.  His skill is only an accident of birth.
> Richard Buswell
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> http://www.naughtynobles.com
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