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RE: [Groop] Wow!

For some reason, Jackie Chan strikes me as the style to go for.  If you
watch his movies, he frequently hits people by "accident".  Now we put
swords in his hands, and we've got a Groo-some kind of fight.  All over the
place, slipping, tripping, falling over obstacles, and still coming out on
top of the carnage.

The big ending battle from "Blazing Saddles" has the proper tone.  Val
Kilmer did a reasonable job of mixing cocky and foolish in "Willow".

I know what I want, but I can't think of a single movie that encapsulates
it all.  Let's face it, Groo is unique.  His fights would be too.  Perhaps
if we mix the skill of Trinity with the complete non-chalance of Bambino in
the "Trinity" movies.

Richard Buswell

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I looked at your website and they were pretty cool and impressive. I wish
you guys could come down here so I could see you guys in action. Well I
know what movies I could say then. Do you know any movies that could be
compared to groo?

> Stylistically, Groo should have no form or technique whatsoever,
> but should
> blindly and stupidly fight, parrying as much by accident as by design,
> killing people on a backswing without even knowing he hit them.  Both
> "Blade" and "Gladiator" showed hits that were intentional.  Groo does not
> plan that far in advance.  Usually the goal of fight choreography is to
> look cool.  For Groo, the goal should be to look stupid.  Fast,
> but stupid.
> Strong, but stupid.  His skill is only an accident of birth.
> Richard Buswell
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