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Re: [Groop]hey i have a question?

In a message dated 5/25/0 5:20:59 PM, XInTheRedX@aol.com writes:

>do you know when the new groo comic is coming out?

Depends on how new. 

Issue #4 of the latest Groo 4-issue miniseries, GROO: MIGHTIER THAN THE 
SWORD, hit the stands about 3 or 4 weeks ago, so you might be able to find 
all four issues if you've got some good stores near you or if you search the 

Also, the GROO AND RUFFERTO trade paperback is on sale now, which reprints 
last years miniseries of the same name. 

If you've got all of that already, Sergio and Mark alternate between a Groo 
4-issue series and a Non-Groo 4-issue series, so next up is their non-Groo 
miniseries SPACE CIRCUS, hitting stores soon (I don't remember exactly when, 
but it's listed in the back of issue 4 of GROO: MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. 

The next GROO series? Anyone? Figure SPACE CIRCUS runs June, July August, 
September, then a month off (October), so maybe November? Does that sound 
about right? 

ReallyBigChin, opening up a can of worms (packed in mulch) by wondering when 
we'll see an Arcadio & Chakaal miniseries...

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