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Re: [Groop] Wow! (etc.) - Groo's swordsmanship

--- Gary Grossmann said:

> There was one episode where Groo demostrates his
> skill with a sword by tossing a fish up in the air
> and preparing it for cooking and fancy display with 
> his swords before it hits platter. 

Ahhh, Gary refers to Epic Groo #17, page 10. Possibly
one of the greatest displays of Groo's swordsmanship
(and there have been several - see Pacific Groo #1,
page 5, and Pacific Groo #2, page 6... reprinted in
the Groo Chronicles).

> in the Eclipse Special, Groo IS trained in the
> course of being schooled to take Saskima's place and
> his already considerable skills are refined. 

This story, "The Swords of Groo" told us how he got
his katanas... Saskima's assistant says of Groo, "As
stupid as he is, that is how good he is with a

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