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Re: [Groop]News from M.E.

Larry wrote:

> Congratulations Mark!!! Although I guess some condolences may be in order,
> since you're a veep now you'll probably hafta start wearing a TIE

My guess is that one of Mark's conditions for accepting the position was
that he would NEVER have to wear a tie.  -Gary "Ties Suck" Grossmann

PS  Congrats Mark!

PPS  OK  Everybody who wants to attend the Special Groop Gathering with the
Groo Crew, tell me now.  I have a list of folks who signed up for the
erstwhile GrooFest, which this gathering is the remnant of, but we have some
new Groopies and plans change, etc, SO  even if you already told me you are
going to San Diego, please tell me again.   Thank you!

PPPS  I should have more news about the T-shirt later on today.

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> In a message dated 5/26/0 3:09:42 AM, me@evanier.com writes:
> >Secondly: You may hear it announced in the next week or so that I have
> >accepted a position as a vice-president of Stan Lee Media, which runs
> >the web-site, stanlee.net among other projects.  This is true but it
> >will in no way affect my work with Sergio.
> -Larry
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