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[Groop]Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan

As long as you guys were talking about Jackie Chan:

This week's second big release is the Jackie Chan
action-comedy "Shanghai Noon," an East-meets-Wild-West tale
about a Chinese Imperial Guard (Chan) who teams up with a
scruffy outlaw (Owen Wilson) to rescue a kidnapped princess
(Lucy Liu). A. O. Scott praises Chan and calls the
"giddily, effervescently funny" movie a "high farce of
multicultural misunderstanding."

"Shanghai Noon" Review

* Shanghai Noon
Reviewed by A. O. Scott

"In an age of widespread movie star narcissism, Jackie Chan
recalls the icons of an earlier time, the improbably
graceful, virtuosically silly clowns of the silent era:
Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, who are his
deepest source of inspiration."




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