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[Groop]He Grooed

Since it's Friday and usually slow on the list (except lately, we've got a
lot of new blood!)  I thought I'd share the story of a moron on par with
Groo.... this made me laugh.  Read on.

Hijacker Found Dead; Homemade Chute Failed
 May 26, 2000 10:19 am EST

 MANILA, Philippines (Reuters) - The body of a man who hijacked a
 Philippines passenger jet was found Friday buried deep in mud after
 his homemade parachute fell off when he jumped from the plane. 

 "The body was embedded in the ground with only the hands
 protruding," national police chief Panfilo Lacson told reporters after
 the body was discovered near a reservoir at Liabac, east of Manila. 

 A homemade, lavender-colored parachute was found nearby. 

 Liabac village chief Basilio Gesmundo told local radio he saw a
 parachute open after a person jumped from the Philippine Airlines
 Airbus A330 as it flew over his village Thursday. 

 "I saw the parachute separate from the person," he said. 

 The pilot of the hijacked airliner described the hijacker as a jilted
 husband. He wore a blue bonnet and threatened passengers and
 crew with a grenade and a gun after he hijacked the domestic flight
 en route from Davao city to Manila on Thursday. 

 After robbing the passengers and crew, he forced the pilot to take
 the plane down to 6,000 feet before jumping out. 

 The plane later landed safely in Manila. It was the country's first
 hijacking since 1982. 

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