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Well now you got me intersted in this trinity movies. Well what time did it
come out in? Sounds like something from the 70's hehe. Well is it a action
movie or comedy. I dont know if i might be interested that much in a old
action western but if its a comedy that's different. It almost sounds like a
comedy duo like Laurel and Hardy. Which Trinity movie do you recommend me

> I wasn't thinking of Jackie Chan playing Groo, but the style fits.
> The Trinity movies I am referring to are "They Call Me Trinity", "Trinity
> Is Still My Name", and "Boot Hill".  Bud Spencer (Bambino) and
> Terence Hill
> (Trinity) play two no-account brothers wandering around the old west.
> Bambino is always trying to scam people out of money, and Trinity always
> manages to ruin it.  Consequently, Bambino is always setting Trinity up to
> get killed.  Neither one of them is particularly bright.  Trinity is the
> fastest and most accurate man alive with a gun, but extremely lazy and
> slow-moving otherwise.  Bambino is extremely large and extremely strong.
> He generally knocks people silly with a single swipe of his fist, using an
> awkward-looking straight-arm technique.
> They also have a penchant for beans, much like Groo and his cheese-dip.
> They are both slovenly, smelly, and generally fun to watch.
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