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[Groop]Q for ME and a plug for myself

Mark, could you explain to me exactly what the goal is of the StanLee.net
website?  I've been there and I'm wondering, what exactly is Stan's goal
with Stan Lee Media?  Is he trying to spearhead a stronger movement towards
online comics?  Is he starting over again - creating a new publishing
company?  I'm curious. Where is Stan heading with this?

On to the plug:  My first made-for-the-web comic is finally online!  It's
called FLAMSHOD and it chronicles the adventures of a ten year old boy
after Earth is invaded by the evil Blambots.  It's accessable from the
front page of my comic book fonts site (Blambot)  but here's a direct link:  


Readers of THE WHOLE ENCHILADA should get a kick out of this.  It's the
same kind of humor.  ... but in full color!  Enjoy!

end of shameless plug. (but it's so slow around here this weekend!)

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