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Re: [Groop]cards

In a message dated 5/29/0 10:14:20 AM, vaughn@sewardconsulting.com writes:

>If you can't get all the IG cards ... perhaps you can find someone to make a 
colour >photocopy of a set for you ... I'm not sure if Mark & Sergio (and the 
card company) >would like this so I'd advise you getting their approval.

Color copies look SO MUCH like the real thing that, for the purposes of 
completing a collection, it would be considered counterfeiting. Because this 
sort of thing is legally impossible to enforce, and SEEMS harmless to the 
person making the copies, most people don't really see this as doing anything 

And that's the problem. We all know the INTENT isn't to make and sell 
REPLICAS of the cards (after all, the photocopy is thin, not on card stock), 
but we're still manipulating a copyright protected image. 

We in the Groop try as best as possible to be guided by what's right (and 
therefore pays most respect to our heroes) than by what we can get away with. 
(I know, I know, that's why Vaughn followed his first suggestion to copy by 
saying Joe should seek out approval rather than just doing it).

If Joe wants copies of the cards simply TO REFERENCE while trying to find the 
real deal, I'd suggest B&W copies. It's frankly just as illegal, but because 
the intent is clearly to guide your future purchases/trades rather than 
replace what's missing from your collection, it's more likely not to OFFEND 
the copyright holders.

Remember, also, that we shouldn't be putting any images on web pages unless 
used with permission of the copyright holder, they're in the public domain, 
or are our own creation. Same thing with text. It's okay to quote a passage 
of text for the purpose of review (and properly credit the source), but we 
must get approval of the copyright holder before EITHER reprinting materials 
on a web page OR quoting it in an email (better to provide the URL than to 
copy the content). 

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik of, well, ummm, okay I'm certainly NOT serving 
the cause of Entropy TODAY!