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[Groop]The Last Page on the Internet

Ok folks, here's my dilemma:

Being the organizin' fool that I am, I was trying to clean up my bookmarks last night. It was going pretty well until it ceased going pretty well, at which point all my bookmarks were deleted. Fortunatly, having been burned on data loss before (no that's not the fortunate part), every couple of months I do back ups. While I was happy to find a backup of most my bookmarks, it's amazing how many bookmarks one accumulates in 3 months. Anyway, the point is, some months ago someone sent a message to the Groop with a link to "The Last Page on the Internet". While that wasn't anything spectacular, the main page on that site was funny as hell (which, come to think of it, can't be all that funny). To make a long story short after having already made it long: I want that website. If the original poster could repost, or if someone else could search his files for the link and post it, I'd appreciate it (I can't, because I lost all of my back email [un-backed-up] when I accidentally uninstalled Eudora [I'm beginning to notice a pattern here..]).

Thanks all,


PS: I can't believe how many things I've accidentally deleted recently. I'm beginning to feel like the Groo of computer systems...

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