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Re: [Groop]Trinity

I would recommend either "They Call Me Trinity" or "Trinity Is Still My
Name".  Probably the second would be better.  These were Italian Westerns,
and definitely comedies.  They were pretty much a spoof of the standard
Spaghetti western.  They were originally done in Italian, and dubbed over
in English.  They were released in '71 and '72.  You can still find them in
some video stores.

More info is on www.imdb.com at:
http://us.imdb.com/Details?0067355 and

Terence Hill and Bud Spencer did a lot of movies together, and were similar
to Laurel and Hardy in many respects.  I remember seeing them together in a
modern-day cops-and-robbers movie, but I don't recall the name.

Richard Buswell

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Well now you got me intersted in this trinity movies. Well what time did it
come out in? Sounds like something from the 70's hehe. Well is it a action
movie or comedy. I dont know if i might be interested that much in a old
action western but if its a comedy that's different. It almost sounds like
comedy duo like Laurel and Hardy. Which Trinity movie do you recommend me

> I wasn't thinking of Jackie Chan playing Groo, but the style fits.
> The Trinity movies I am referring to are "They Call Me Trinity", "Trinity
> Is Still My Name", and "Boot Hill".  Bud Spencer (Bambino) and
> Terence Hill
> (Trinity) play two no-account brothers wandering around the old west.
> Bambino is always trying to scam people out of money, and Trinity always
> manages to ruin it.  Consequently, Bambino is always setting Trinity up
> get killed.  Neither one of them is particularly bright.  Trinity is the
> fastest and most accurate man alive with a gun, but extremely lazy and
> slow-moving otherwise.  Bambino is extremely large and extremely strong.
> He generally knocks people silly with a single swipe of his fist, using
> awkward-looking straight-arm technique.
> They also have a penchant for beans, much like Groo and his cheese-dip.
> They are both slovenly, smelly, and generally fun to watch.
> Richard Buswell
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