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Re: [Groop]Chicago Comicon

At 02:13 PM 05/30/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>This year's con, billed by Wizard as "The Greatest Multimedia Event
>Ever," (can't wait to find out what that means) will be held at the
>Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago on August
>4 to 6.  I've already got my tickets.  This will be my first comic con
>ever and I'm looking forward to it.

~~~ It means 75% of all con floorspace dedicated to Gareb Shamus' Black
Bull comics.

(heh heh.)  Oy, has anyone else seen these titles.... ugh.... stick to
publishing Wizard.... (which is about as informative as Black Bull is
entertaining.) ba-dum-bum -- CHING!

~Nate (filled my scathing zinger quota for the day.) 
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