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[Groop]More on T-Shirt Orders

Hi Folks!

Dennis White, Rick Beckly, Jeff K., Richard Walker, and Gabe; you didn't
tell me whether you wanted Did I Err? on the front of back.

Ruben; the other side is going to be Groop@Groo.com in letters about an inch
(around 90pt type, depending on what font I use).  If you don't like that, I
can get one made without anything on the front and Did I Err? on the back.
Did I Err? will be much bigger.

Hey everyone else!  There are a couple dozen folks who sent me e-mails on
the original polls saying they were interested.  Have you lost interest?

And would everyone going to the Con please let me know if you haven't
already done so in the last fewe days.  Thanks!

Anywho, take care all   -Gary G.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com