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RE: [Groop] Groo Sighting A.P.B.


I delved into my old marvel/epic boxes but couldn't find the groo ad.  I
distinctly remember the ad you mentioned, and since I rarely, if ever read a
comic book, back then, which I didn't own, I am certain that I owned the
book with the ad.  I don't think I've lost, sold or otherwise divested
myself of more that 25 comic books of mine from that period, so I continue
to believe that I have a copy of that ad somewhere in my collection.
However, it appears that finding a groo ad in my comic book collection might
be harder than finding fresh hot cheese-dip in the land without cows
(wherever that may be).  I'll try and make another pass at it if I ever find
some time.  (No time-No time.  I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.)  Sorry.


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Ariel wrote:

> Wow, dude, you sure don't ask 'em easy.  Let me this straight.  You are
> looking for a three panel advertisement that appeared in an Epic book
> in/around 1985-1986?


> Or could it be in a Marvel book, same time period?

Yes.  Or a fanzine.

> Could this be something you might already have, just don't know where, in
> your extensive collection it might be?


> Might Mark know about this?

Mark generally can't remember minor details like this. More than

> Since this advertisement you describe sounds very familiar, I'll try to
> into my books from those publishers, during that period.

Cool!  Thank you so much!

Take care -Gary G.

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