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[Groop]Three Fun Groo Links

LARRY: Hi All!
ALL: (with very little enthusiasm): Hiiiii Larrrrrrrry...
LARRY: Awww come on, you guys can do better than that!
ALL: (Loudly): GET ON WITH IT!
LARRY: *sigh* Sorry, sorry, it's just that things have slowed on the Groo 
List once again, so I thought I'd remind everyone about some cool 
Groop-related sites.
ALL: Thanks. Can we go now?
LARRY: NO!!! I mean, um, well, I haven't given you the reminder yet. Hang in 
there a second, okay?
ALL: (Morosely): ohhhh-kaaaay
LARRY: Anyway. There are quite a few new voices in the Groop, not to mention 
some new lurkers out there mingling with the old lurkers, lurking, listening, 
waiting in the dreary shadows for SOME shred of relevant conversa-
ALL: (Loudly): GET ON WITH IT!
LARRY: All right, all right, sheesh! Without further ado, here are three fun 
links by and about The Groop:

The 1999 Groop awards:          http://members.xoom.com/thegroop/
Guess The Groopie:                  http://www.groo.com/guess.html 
The Groo Round Robin #1&2:    http://www.angelfire.com/ma/groop2/

LARRY: Many of you are familiar with some or all of these but may wish to 
check them out again, plus there's the aforementioned newbies, so come on 
guys and let's check it out!

LARRY: Guys?

LARRY: Hello?

LARRY: You didn't bail on me already did you?

LARRY: Come on, this isn't funny, you're scaring me now!

LARRY: (Walks off, muttering to himself) to hmslf, ta himsuff, to hmmmm...

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik of Entropy, to hemsell, to hmzeff...

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