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[Groop]Aragones Sightings

Here are two recent non-Groo items for those that are Aragones fans.

DC is reprinting classic first editions in a "Millennium" series 
including Plop! No. 1.  If you don't have the original, Aragones has 
extensive contributions to that issue and even if you do have the 
original, the better paper and color is worth it!

In MAD XL #4, Aragones once again provides all new illustrations (as he 
has in the first three issues) to accompany the exerpt from the book, 
The MAD World of William Gaines.  In addition, Sergio appears in two 
photos I had never seen printed before.  If you ever wondered (I know I 
haven't!) what a young Sergio looks like in Speedo swim trunks, now's 
your chance!

Mike S.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com