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RE: [Groop]Three Fun Groo Links

> In a message dated 6/7/0 11:40:51 PM, luckycat1998@hotmail.com writes:
> >But I was wondering.... which is  better...
> >The SheikOfEntropy   or   The SultanOfEntropy  ????
> The Sultan of Entropy is nothing but a POSER!!!
> >What's the difference between a Sheik and a Sultan?
> Relatively similar terms. A sheik is a tribal Arab ruler or
> religious leader,
> while a sultan is specifically a Muslim ruler. I am not an expert
> on any of
> this, I turned to my handy-dandy dictionary for the assist. (Webster also
> listed a sultan as the ruler of Turkey).

Sultan is an  Arabic word which means ruler/leader but not usually used as a
title for the leaders in Arab world.  They used to call their leaders as
Caliph, Sheikh, AlMalik (King).  Sultan is used for by Malays in Malaysia
for their Kings (sultan of Kedah, sultan of Brunei).  In Malaysia, we have 8
malay Sultans and I malay King (Raja of Perlis)which are constitutional
mornach.  Then there is the Sultan of Brunai (not part of Malaysia) once the
richest man on earth before Bill Gates became filthy rich.

Turkey used to call their leader as Caliph - The Caliph of Ottoman Empire
(once covered the area now Crotia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Yogoslavia and bodering
the Austro-Hungary Empire and which inherit from the previous Islamic
empires/government as the leader of Moslems).  but after/during world war
II, Kamal Attartuk (Turkish called him as the father of modern Turkey)
overthrown the Caliph and be a republic and introduce secularism to Turkey.

> My handle was inspired (subconsciously) by an old song called The
> Sheik Of
> Araby. I was playing an over-the-top high-level wizard in an Advanced
> Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game (around 1985 or so) who saved
> the life of
> a powerful king. This king granted my character a region to rule, and a
> title/cabinet position of my choosing. I just kind of blurted out
> off the top
> of my head "Can I be The Sheik Of Entropy?"

maybe the game is based on the Arabian nights stories

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