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[Groop]T-Shirts, San Diego & Silliness

Hi Folks!

There is still of time to order T-shirts.  I will give out the exact price
and when and where to send it when I figure that part out.

Main & Shane: I need to know the size and how you want the words (Did I Err?
on front Groop@Groo.com on back, vice versa, or one side blank.)
Dieter:  I need to know how you want the words.
Dan Cooper, I need to know what size you want.

According to my reckoning the following folks will definitely be in San

Me, Shane, Eric, Chad, Larry, Jeff K., Groosum, Sean, Greg, Ruben, Rick B.,
and Mo osrt.

And the following folks MAY be coming:

George K., Tony D., Scott H., Greg C. & Magnus.

IF you are coming or maybe coming and your name is not listed, please let me
know.  Thanks!

And by the way, we are definitely behind on our Groop Silliness Quotient!
What in the name of Dognuts and Underwater Aircraft Carriers is wrong with

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  I recently obtained a little Groo Coup!  Found a CAPS Newsletter from
October, 1982 with a nice Groo drawing.  He's wearing a CAPS T-shirt.
October, 1982 makes it one of the earliest Groo sightings on record!
WhooHoo!  (Gary, Sheik of Ex-Y-Z-trophy)

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com