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Re: [Groop]hidden messages

--- Dale wrote:
> Do any of the Groo books explain how to find all the
> hidden messages in the
> comics, or is there a web page that will help?

Several Groo-Grams colums were dedicated to explaining
the HM's... the first was Epic #21 (Nov. 1986) -
revealing HM's for Epic #4-12.

All of the Hidden Messages and much, MUCH (MULCH?)
more completely useless information will all be
archived in an insanely comprehensive Groo Database on
the NEW groo.com. Someday. I promise. Maybe. Well....
OK, honestly I can't promise anything. Except that the
Y2K bug will render your silly computers completely
useless. Wait, what's todays date? I dunno. I've been
outta the loop for a while. Just forget the whole thing.

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