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Sergio on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In

From the amazing blog of our Mark Evanier, a fun tribute to one of Sergio’s lesser known talents – comedic acting. He appeared on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In several times In this episode, Robin Williams was obviously the breakout star but the first name among the regular players: Sergio Aragonés.  Could that possibly be our friend and partner, the world-famous cartoonist from MAD and Groo the Wanderer?

It could be and it is.  Sergio did the cartoon graphics throughout the show and was a writer-performer in many of the pantomime blackouts.  He’s the guy with the Sergio Aragonés mustache, dressed as a Karate expert and a Mexican general among other guises.  There’s a bit in there with a cartoon Sergio studying the navel of a lady in a swimming pool and he not only drew himself but they shot that at the home he had back then in the Hollywood Hills.  He was in all the other episodes of this Laugh-In and turned up on some other shows produced by George Schlatter.  You can spot him here and there in the margins, too…

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