Groo Specials!

Groo Specials!

Destroyer Duck 1, 1982: The Dragon and the Maiden

Plot Summary: Groo saves a maiden from a big dragon, which, upon dying, falls on her, squishing her flat! HA!

Moral: This is only a four-page story!"

Evanier's Job:There is no Evanier... Only ZOOL!

Note: Groo's first printed words are "Oh well!.."

Major Characters Appearing: Groo

Star Slayer 5, 1983: The Crackora Story

Plot Summary: In this five page story, Groo is sent to kill the Crackora, but ends up killing the wrong thing! HA!

Moral: "Look before you leap or Never count your Crackoras before they're hatched!"

Evanier's Job: English Translation

Note: This is the first story in which Groo says more than "Oh well!.."

Major Characters Appearing: Groo

Epic Illustrated 1, 1984: The Story of the Kalelis

Plot Summary: In this four-page story, Groo eats a little lizard that turns out to be a sentient ally of his army! HA!

Moral: "Chirk?"

Evanier's Job: Verbalist

Note: This story was to hype the impending coming of Groo to Epic.

Major Characters Appearing: Groo

Groo Special 1, 1984: The Music of Murkos

Plot Summary: Groo gets captured by little monkeys that like to hear music, so Groo makes them some instruments and then kills them! HA!

Moral: "No way!"

Evanier's Job: Scrivener

Note: This is truly the first Groo story, started in 1977, completed in 1984!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo

Groo Special 1, 1984: The Swords of Groo

Plot Summary: Also from Groo Special 1 (and only), this story tells how Groo obtained his swords (surprise, surprise). It's a crazy case of mistaken identity, which ends up leaving Groo with his two swords, forged bythe Gods themselves!

Moral: "None of the above"

Evanier's Job: Linguistitian

Note: Talking Rats!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo Mulch Sage Taranto

Marvel Graphic Novel 32, 1987: The Death of Groo

Plot Summary: Groo is presumed killed by the Floom Floom dragon, and there is great celebration. All of his "friends" show up to talk badly of him as Groo, disguised as an old lady watches. In fact, there is only one who does not speak badly of Groo, but I don't want to ruin it! Groo also becomes a hero post-mortem, just like all the greats.

Moral: "Sorry"

Evanier's Job: Written by

Note: Groo shaves in this story!

Major Characters Appearing: Arba Arcadio Dakarba Drumm Grativo Groo Grooella Minstrel Mulch Pal Sage Taranto

The Scond Graphic Novel, 1993: The Life of Groo

Plot Summary: We learn why it is that he is the way he is (Groo, that is). It has to do with a very dysfunctional childhood, brought on by the evil wizard King Battu. But that evil wizard gets his alright... in a very appropriate (?) way! Groo doesn't learn to talk for a loooong time, by the way.

Moral: "There never seem to be morals in the Graphic Novels."

Evanier's Job: Written by

Note: You see Arba as a cute young lady!

Major Characters Appearing: Arba Dakarba Granny Groo Groo Grooella Li'l Groo Li'l Grooella Minstrel Mulch Sage Taranto

The Groo Chronicles: 1-6

Plot Summary: These six volumes reprint every early appearance of Groo including all the Pacific issues, and all the one-shot deals seen above.

The Groo Trade Paperbacks: Adventurer Through Garden

Plot Summary: Each of these simply reprints four Epic issues, in order. Therefore, The Adventurer reprints issues 1-4, and so on!