Groo The Game Kickstarter

The Groo card game is back via Kickstarter. Groo: The Game, a fast, fun card game that plays in under an hour and is great fun for two to six players is available to support here. Let everyone know and let’s see how far above the goal we can get it!

A hit when it was first released, this game has been unavailable for many years. This new release of Groo: The Game includes both the original game and the supplement, with cards illustrated by the great Sergio Aragonés himself and featuring Groo and his friends and foes!

In Groo: The Game, players try to build a town without having it stomped to rubble by Groo himself. Roll dice for resources and use them for buildings (which create victory points) and armies (which knock down other players’ buildings and defend your own). Groo moves randomly, always with the best of intentions, destroying all that he encounters. The player with the last town standing wins!

Check out Steve Jackson taking about the game and Sergio.

Learn more and back the campaign here.