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The World of Groo

A barbarian warrior - Groo is invincible in battle but with an I.Q. three points lower than a boulder.  With his trusty canine sidekick Rufferto, he wanders an ancient land of mystery, magic and mayhem, looking only for a warm place to sleep, a few coins, or a taste of cheese dip. Despite best intentions, Groo usually wreaks havoc everywhere he goes.

Gods Against Groo

Issue #3 available now

It's finally here, the close of the saga begun in Groo: Fray of the Gods, and continued in Groo: Play of the Gods.. When a Groo-like deity arises in the heavens, scores of both well-known and obscure gods come together to end the havoc and destruction it's causing in their realm. While Earthbound Groo is alternately worshipped and hunted, his Divine Groo alter ego unleashes otherworldly chaos! For even more fun, it includes impeccable back cover Rufferto strips!

Sergio Aragonés returns to Groo, with writing by Aragonés and Mark Evanier, art by Aragonés and featuring beautiful hand-lettering by Stan Sakai. Learn more at

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Longest Running Independent Comic

40 years and still wandering!

Groo is a comic like no other because Sergio’s art itself is unique, and distinct from any style in the market. It grew from Sergio’s love for pantomime and universal humor, which in turn has inspired generations of artists. The comedy of Groo is human comedy, identifiable to all. An established style of adventure and humor that is always popular in entertainment - from Charlie Chaplin to Spongebob Squarepants and beyond. Visual and character driven humor that is understandable no matter what culture or language.

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Meet the Creators

Sergio Aragonés

Creator, Author, Illustrator

Sergio Aragonés s a Spanish/Mexican cartoonist and writer best known for his contributions to Mad magazine and creating the comic book Groo the Wanderer.

Among his peers and fans, Aragonés is widely regarded as “the world’s fastest cartoonist”. The Comics Journal has described Aragonés as “one of the most prolific and brilliant cartoonists of his generation”. Mad editor Al Feldstein said, “He could have drawn the whole magazine if we’d let him.”

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Mark Evanier


Mark Evanier is an American comic book and television writer, known for his work on the animated TV series Garfield and Friends and on the comic book, Groo the Wanderer.

He is also known for his columns and blog News from Me, and for his work as a historian and biographer of the comics industry, such as his award-winning Jack Kirby biography, Kirby: King of Comics.

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